Product data

Data on 500 million product listings

The largest commercially-available product database in the world. Includes data from major e-commerce websites, aggregators, and platforms. Over 70,000 merchants.

Includes product name, brand, pricing history, features, reviews, and much more.

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Cell Phones


Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry




Grocery & Food


Home & Garden


Industrial & Medical


Books, Movies, & Music


Tools & Home Improvement


Toys & Games
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How our product data can help you

Data Enrichment

Use Datafiniti's product data to enrich your own product list with dozens of additional data points. By matching against standard identifiers (UPC, model number, etc.) or even broader fields (name, brand), you can quickly generate deep and robust product database of your own.

Pricing Analytics

Datafiniti's product data helps you gain a competitive edge in the market. Monitor your competitors' prices and develop your own pricing strategies with the most comprehensive database of prices in the world.

Our data gives you valuable insights into pricing trends and patterns, enabling more effective pricing strategies that maximize revenue. With Datafiniti's product data, you can stay ahead of the competition and achieve your pricing goals.

AI, ML, and LLMs

Datafiniti's product data is a versatile resource for powering AI applications. Our comprehensive and diverse dataset can be used to train models for various use cases, improve entity recognition accuracy, and generate high-quality content.

Whether it's training LLMs or fine-tuning AI algorithms, Datafiniti's product data enables businesses to develop AI-powered solutions that improve efficiency, accuracy, and engagement.

Catalog Building

Datafiniti offers the largest commercially-available product database in the world, which means if you want to build your own product catalog, the best place to start is here.

Use our extensive set of search filters to generate the exact product database you want. We offer data on just about every single product category.

Recommendation Systems

Datafiniti's product data is a valuable resource for building recommendation systems. Our diverse and up-to-date dataset ensures that models are trained on the most relevant and accurate information, leading to better recommendations and increased customer satisfaction.

With Datafiniti's product data, businesses can build recommendation systems that provide personalized and relevant recommendations to their customers, driving sales and loyalty.

Assortment Comparison

Identify popular products and trends and optimize your assortment and drive sales with Datafiniti product data.

Our data will help you identify gaps in your own product assortment when compared to your competitors, and adjust your offerings accordingly. Stay competitive and meet the changing needs of your customers with access to a powerful product data set.

API & Data services

A complete suite of API and data services


Use our API to integrate your project or application directly. Treat Datafiniti as a live database that you can use for individual record lookups or larger, categorical searches.

Datafiniti Product Data API request and response

Search Portal

Use our web portal to preview the data, build custom filters, and download full or sample data sets that match your needs.

Datafiniti Portal Product Data search

Bulk Downloads

Download entire data sets directly to your internal systems. Specify the exact criteria you want using a highly flexible search syntax.

Datafiniti Product Data Download result file

Data Enrichment

Supplement your existing data with additional information from Datafiniti. Pass in a file you already have, and Datafiniti will automatically append data from from matching records.

Real Time Updates

Need to make sure your data is up to date? You can make automated requests to update our data to the most recent information using our RTU API.

How we bring data to you

Data Collection

We collect data from hundreds of sources using a combination of automated agents and data partnerships.

Data Standardization

All data entering our system is cleaned, enriched, and standardized to a set schema using a variety of rulesets and automated intelligence.

Data Access

You access our data through our API, web portal, or by working with your own Datafiniti solutions manager.


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“We became 2x faster and more efficient after adopting Projectile.

Easily the best project management software on the market, right now. Love the automated reports and alerts.”
— Robert Mayer, Digital Marketer
“We became 2x faster and more efficient after adopting Projectile.

Easily the best project management software on the market, right now. Love the automated reports and alerts.”
— Robert Mayer, Digital Marketer
“We became 2x faster and more efficient after adopting Projectile.

Easily the best project management software on the market, right now. Love the automated reports and alerts.”
— Robert Mayer, Digital Marketer

How Datafiniti Can Help You

Real estate

Stay agile in an evolving industry

Plan and execute with confidence as you preempt problems and adapt on the go.

Avoid roadblocks

Beat deadlines

Deliver every time


Get complete visibility and control

With a customizable dashboard, know the status of your project at a glance.

Track key metrics and tasks

Set up alerts for specific triggers

Stay on top of your daily progress

Sales & Marketing

Streamline workflow to save hours

Spend less time on organizing and tracking, and more time on core functions for your projects.

Set up workflows only once

Tweak and use for multiple projects

Automate reminders, alerts and more

Common Questions

We’ve got you covered

Where is the data sourced from?

Product data is pulled from online product listings.  We cover most major e-commerce stores, platforms, and aggregagors.

What's a record?

Each product record contains all information associated with a single unique product, as identified by a UPC, model number, etc. Data from multiple sources are merged into a single record.

How often is the data updated?

Product data is updated on a rolling basis. We crawl each website as comprehensively and quickly as possible. In certain cases, we provide targeted updates to specific sections that are important to customers.  You can also use our Real Time Updates API to force rapid updates to specific products.

What is your pricing?
How long has Datafiniti been around?

We were founded in 2011 and have served 1000s of customers since then!

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